For years I've talked about why it makes financial sense to buy a home, rather than rent one, but more often than not, we’re drawn to the emotional reasons for homeownership.

Happy Irvine home

It doesn't matter if the living space is tiny or huge, whether the home is on the modest type, or one with a lot of wow factors, the feeling of a home means different things to different people. Sometimes it’s a certain pleasant aroma in the air, or the feeling one gets when relaxing in the patio, comfortable and pleasant connections to our own homes are typically more important to us than the financial ones. Here are some of the reasons why.


1. Owning your own home is something you've achieved and is worth celebrating
You’ve probably worked very hard to achieve your dream of homeownership, and it doesn't matter whether it’s your first home or your tenth, congrats to you! You’ve earned it.


2. There’s no place like home
Besides not having a landlord who might ask you to leave one day, you'll own your own place for as long as you like. Security and peace of mind is important to most of us. Owning your own home also offers safety and a comfortable place where you can simply relax and kick-back after a long day. Sometimes, that’s just what people need to feel recharge their batteries and feel truly content.


3. You can find more space to meet whatever needs you have
Whether you want more room in your home for your changing lifestyle, (maybe you're working from home, need space for the kids' virtual school, or you need a spot to work out), or you just would rather have a larger outdoor space for keeping your distance while entertaining in these pandemic times, you can invest in a location that truly works for your changing needs.


4. YOU decide what upgrades and other changes you want
So you want to copy one of those ideas you saw on Pinterest? Well, go for it - remember there's no landlord here, so no need to ask anyone for permission. Thinking of getting a four-legged member of the family? Well, again, there's no permission needed and you certainly won't be paying any pet deposit! of paying an additional pet deposit for your apartment building? You can do a lot more when you own a home, compared to when you're somebody's tenant.


Buying a home for the first time? There are programs for you! Maybe you'll be selling your home and moving up, or downsizing. Relocating to Irvine? Whatever the new chapter in your life is going to read like, now is a great time to think about all the things that turn a home into a HAPPY home.